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Clincepts. Transition. Reframed.



I’ve been where you are and understand the challenges of successful transition into advanced practice.

You’ve passed the are a masters or doctorate level prepared nurse. Let that sink in...You have the knowledge base to start in advanced practice despite your feelings of insecurity and inadequacy. Own it!! 

Oh, we want to...but before we really own it 100%, mindset creep usually gotcha thinking about...

role confusion
transition to practice
imposter syndrome
new grad
emotional turmoil
experience gap
Josie 1.jpeg

hey there,

I’m Josie, modern day nurse practitioner with over a decade of professional nursing experience.


I created Clincepts to inspire my peers to thrive through the RN to NP transition and love what they do. I help nurse practitioners leverage their personal skills and professional abilities to land ideal jobs where they will grow, blossom, and flourish. Because I believe that you, as a nurse practitioner, deserve to live your best life... in and out of practice!

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