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I am a “military brat,” code for— I grew up with multiple area codes and lived in a variety of zip codes. I have more than one place to call home, and my family consists of more than blood relatives.

Growing up and living abroad has taught me to become adaptive and resilient, to embrace culture, and respect the differences others believe and live by.

But I wasn’t always on the path to advanced practice.

In fact, I failed a clinical course during my undergraduate program.


It was devastating and almost derailed me.


To the point where I questioned my career choice and contemplated being a hairstylist. Mad love to all the hairstylists out there; I've been reigniting my haircare love since the 80s! 


The idea of a competitive job market disguised as oversaturation could’ve crushed my spirits and halted my efforts to thriving as a nurse practitioner while raising a family.

But with adequate support, some mindset shifting, and a whole lot of grit, I’ve discovered all things are possible.

If you hear something long enough and loud enough (good, bad, or ugly) you start to believe it as truth.



You can learn from me and my experiences

Challenges disguised as failures, mindset barriers, or obstacles will come your way too. 

as I teach you the strategies and lessons to bypass obstacles, eliminate stress, and accelerate your success to becoming the elite nurse practitioner you set out to be.

What's with the name CLINCEPTS?

During my nurse practitioner preceptorship, I received clinical support, supervision, and guidance to optimize the hands-on direct clinical care training experience.

I had well-educated and well-intentioned preceptors who served an important role in bridging the transition from registered nurse to nurse practitioner.


But something was missing------there were gaps within the bridge.

And I wasn't alone; I noticed this gap was present for other novice providers too. 

That's why I created Clincepts.

Think of CLINCEPTS as the gap-filler for all the things you didn’t learn in school. 

It's the supplemental resource to your clinical education---the professional support for a thriving NP career. 

via an online


      + Preceptor



support for the early 

Throughout the years, I have been a preceptor and career coach because I love to share in other nurses' growth and success.


And now?


I am YOUR mentor.


Why I am for you? 


+ Because you’re a high achieving nurse who’s accomplished amazing things in her career. You want to clearly articulate your knowledge, skills, abilities and potential to future employers.  You know you deserve the best.


+ Because you’re competent. You’re clinically prepared and more than capable to do the job and want the bold confidence to match.


+ Because you know what you want! And want the support and stress-free path to get there.


That’s where I come in.


I show you the way and help you create that secret sauce that perfectly blends your strengths, achievements, and talents and present it in a way that (chef’s kiss) is uniquely you. Magnifique!


And it doesn’t stop there. You’ll learn how to love your life, in and out of clinical practice.


Let's work together!

You’ll never again fear submitting a lackluster résumé, feel poorly prepared for interviews, or clueless about a contract agreement.


Plus, that internal feeling of isolation, imposter syndrome, and defeat as a nurse practitioner— kicked to the curb!

Wanna know more about me?
Here are 9 more random facts.


The last cuppa coffee I had was circa 2002. Even while working 12 hour nights and after three kids, palpitations and abdominal pain are not a good look on me.


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