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I’m Josie!

The Missing Piece in Nursing Education

Think of CLINCEPTS as the gap-filler for everything you didn’t learn in school. It’s the supplemental resource to your clinical education—the professional support for a thriving NP career.
Graduation Prep
The NP job market is brutal– there’s no other way to put it. Traditional education programs focus on clinical skills, leaving graduates lacking essential knowledge for entering the market. Without help, they struggle to secure the thriving careers they deserve.
Early Career
The early stages of a nurse practitioner’s career can be daunting. The pressure to perform at a high level while still gaining experience can lead to feelings of insecurity and self-doubt. Without the right support and guidance, many nurse practitioners risk burning out.
RN to NP
Transitioning from a registered nurse to a nurse practitioner is a significant career leap that comes with its own set of obstacles. This transition can feel isolating and challenging, with few avenues for support and mentorship.

Struggles to Success

From the setback of failing a clinical course during my undergraduate program to navigating the challenges of balancing career aspirations with family responsibilities, each hurdle has shaped me into the mentor I am today.
Minority Professional
Working Mom
Fresh Graduate

Your progress, no matter how small or challenging, paves the way to success.